K-Shield Advantage® Safety Phlebotomy Sets

therapeutic-phlebotomy`products`K-Shield Advantage® Safety Phlebotomy Sets

Low-cost design incorporates pre-attached needles for accessing all vacuum bottles`Fast and simple one-step activation with an “audible” click`Pre-attached 16G venipuncture needle`16G needle with backeye optimizes blood flow`Needle with wing for improved needle control`Roller clamp to control blood flow`36-inch tubing length`Latex-free

K-Shield Advantage® Phlebotomy Sets

(25 per box / 2 boxes per case)

Code # Length Description
36 Inches
K-Shield Advantage® Phlebotomy set with 16G vacuum bottle needle and pre-attached 16G venipuncture needle with backeye and safety device

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