Gravity IV Administration Sets

Gravity IV Sets

 Gravity IV Administration Sets  • Low cost gravity IV administration set  • All sets feature Non-DEHP fluid paths, including tubing and drip chamber  • Latex Free  • Available with .22 micron in-line filter  • Available with needleless access connector  • Wide selection of sets and components to meet a variety of solution administration requirements  …

Small Vein Infusion Sets – Standard

Small Vein Infusion Sets

 Standard Small Vein Infusion Sets  • Flexible wings with textured surface for secure grip which are color coded for easy identification  • Siliconized needle for easy insertion  • Kink resistant tubing  • Outstanding needle point sharpness*  • Latex-free   Standard Small Vein Infusion Sets (50 per box / 10 boxes per case) Code # Needle…

Small Vein Infusion Sets – Safety – K-Shield Advantage®

Small Vein Infusion Sets - K-Shield Advantage

 K-Shield Advantage® Small Vein Infusion Sets  • Provides a safe collection environment for both clinician and patient  • Integrated safety device eliminates extra steps for disposal  • Fast and simple one-step activation with an “audible” click  • Needle is covered during removal, ensuring confidence in safety  • Truly OSHA Compliant   K-Shield Advantage® Small Vein Infusion…

Intermittent Injection Sites

Intermittent Injection Sites

 Intermittent Injection Site  • Low cost injection site  • Male luer connector  • Allows clinician to perform multiple injections when attached to a winged infusion set  • Latex-free   Intermittent Injection Site (50 per box / 4 boxes per case) INT-01 Injection site with male luer connector