Blood Drawing Kits – Safety – K-Shield Advantage®

K-Shield Advantage® Blood Drawing Kit
 • Low-cost therapeutic blood drawing
 • Fast and simple one-step activation with an “audible” click
 • Needle-free sampling port
 • Does not contain unnecessary anticoagulant solution
 • 600 mL blood bag
 • Pre-attached 16G venipuncture needle
 • Pinch clamp for easy prevention of backflow
 • 48-inch tubing length
 • Latex-free
 • Volume graduation marks


K-Shield Advantage® Blood Drawing Kit
(25 per box / 2 boxes per case)
Code # Description Length
BK-64A K-Shield Advantage® 600 mL blood bag with 48” tubing, pinch clamp and pre-attached 16G venipuncture needle with safety device, and needle-free sampling port 48 inches

K-Shield Advantage Blood Drawing Kit Drawing