About Us

Kawasumi Laboratories America, Inc. (KLA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kawasumi Laboratories, Inc.(KL), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, KL have been providing high quality, cost-effective, medical supplies worldwide since 1957.

Located in Tampa, FL, KLA is the main distribution center for both North and South America. and was incorporated in 1991. Since that time KL has been striving to maintain the quality and standards set by our parent company.


Mr. Takumi Kawano founded Kawasumi Laboratories, Inc. in Japan in 1954. His interest developing disposable medical care products was researched for 10 years before establishing the company. His applications such as non-contaminated blending of PVC to pellet for extrusion, injection molding, and other high frequency processing.

The company was incorporated in 1957 and what started as one man’s dream, is now growing into one of the largest manufacturers of disposable medical products.

Kawasumi started with one manufacturing plant that was constructed in 1964 in Ohita, Japan. Today, over 10 plants produce the quality medical products that Mr. Kawano had envisioned. The medical products are manufactured under the standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the factories have obtained certificates of quality system ISO 9001/46001 and are authorized for CE marking.

Kawasumi Laboratories America, Inc. (KLA) was established in 1991 as a subsidiary to market and distribute products for North and South America. The ultimate goal of the mission statement continues on with KLA supplying the Americas with quality medical devices. Kawasumi Laboratories America proudly offers these quality product lines:

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